Business Process Management for Contracting and Management

To get the desired outcome of a management or contracting process, more than just planning and execution is needed. It also requires careful analysis and control of the interdependent business processes involved in conceiving procurement, preconstruction and construction, closing out and commissioning the built environment. This is why management of business processes (BPM) is crucial to the success of a construction project or a company.

BPM is a systematic, integrated method of identifying, modeling, automating, and continuously monitoring business process. The aim is to align business processes within the organization with strategic goals, leading to more efficiency and higher profits.

The BPM lifecycle is comprised of six phases to reach its aim that is to analyze, design, implement, monitor, optimize and redesign. The initial step of the process is to look at the current process to find areas that could be improved. The second step is designing an entirely new procedure to meet business needs using standardization and automation where possible. The implementation phase is aimed to implement the new process model. Continuous monitoring and optimization will ensure its continuous performance.

Construction firms are losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on wasted business processes and manual tasks-both at the office and on the job site. Automating these processes increases visibility, improves operational responsiveness, improves risk mitigation, and speeds decision-making. It also helps reduce expenses, increase morale and improve resource utilization. To achieve this teams must have full visibility into all their processes as well as the fundamental procedures.

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