Securely Exchange Important and Sensitive Documents

Many industries require the secure transfer of sensitive and vital documents to improve the customer experience, increase productivity and safeguard confidential data from cyber-attacks. Financial services, healthcare, and law enforcement are only a few examples.

Although sending information via email is a fast and efficient method of communicating, it isn’t the most secure option. Emails can be accessed by hackers and spammers. It is important to use an encryption platform and protocols to stop unauthorized individuals from accessing information.

Utilizing an online fax service to send confidential documents is a secure and secure alternative to email. It lets you send documents without the need of an actual fax machine or a landline, and it is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. In addition, many fax providers offer features such as redaction and digital signatures, making it easy for teams to create and sign documents together.

When you are storing documents on paper be sure to not leave them on the desk for anyone to grab. Also, avoid putting them in a printer shared. Also, you should maintain a clean desk policy in place and regularly remove old documents from the paper to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. When you are using online storage, ensure that the data you upload to a repository is secure and requires multi-factor authentication for access. You should be able to trace when and how documents were opened. This is crucial in the event of a data breach.

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